A deep dive into “passive” income and online marketing

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  1. I’ve been paying attention to this for a while 😉

    And here’s the thing, there is no love for the WordPress way. We face inward and approach a lot of this “best practice” (business) stuff in a bubble. We do this because we love the software, grew up with it, and largely progressed our own careers because of it. We’ve always known it’s largely a tool to get the job done — but we’re passionate — we’re creative.

    That same low barrier (open source?) has business-savvy marketers jumping on to create products. Pair that up with large internet adoption and Matt’s mission for 50% adoption and you’ve got yourself a nice target to go after.

    But do they care? Will they attend a WordCamp or meetup? Push the community forward?

    Pat Flynn didn’t even know what WordCamps were when I interviewed him. Mr Nastor was able to entice Mark Jaquith to create VelocityPage and he hadn’t (maybe by now?) stepped foot into a WordCamp either.

    They see a business opportunity and the’ve taken it. Wether or not they recognize the strength of our reputation economy is for the future history books.

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