A rising tide lifts all hosts…

A rising tide lifts all hosts 🛥️

More WordPress news on the hosting and eCommerce front: GoDaddy has launched new WooCommerce extensions, which according to the press release are from GoDaddy’s recent acquisition of SkyVerge. These extensions “increase the value of GoDaddy’s WooCommerce plugins from $3,000 to nearly $6,000 worth of premium extensions.”

Chris Lema, who works for a competitor to GoDaddy, observes this is a welcome addition to the eCommerce hosting space:

“This isn’t a zero sum game. The more companies thinking about bundling, the more companies trying to create a complete solution for merchants, the more people out there trying to make it easier, the better it is for everyone.”

It’s certainly no surprise that hosting companies are continuing to promote their eCommerce capabilities — particularly with WooCommerce. Last year saw the largest yearly recorded growth in WordPress and WooCommerce. WooCommerce sites are the fastest-growing type of WordPress site according to W3Techs — unless you count Elementor:

W3techs CMS Marketshare 2021
W3techs CMS Marketshare 2021.

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