Ain’t nobody got time for spam

Here’s a bunch of keywords you can sift through and use for your comment blacklists. Some of these look pretty agressive (especially for a blog like this where we legit use words like blog and SEO), but all in all, very worthwhile. Or you can offload your comment moderation with other methods. Akismet, captcha (bleh!), math / human stuff, etc. h/t Doug Stewart.

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  1. The built in comment moderation / blacklists are definitely underused. Every single time I’ve helped someone with spam issues, they never have this filled out.

    1. I’m guilty of this too. I’ve always used Akismet. I probably lean on it too much. I think it’s me always wondering, “but what if someone really wanted to use that word in a comment?” πŸ™‚

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