An author at TechCrunch says the…

An author at TechCrunch says the tech talent shortage is a lie. They need to get out of San Francisco: I think in mid and small markets — if not everywhere — there is a huge shortage, but the positionsΒ are sometimes more “boring” than many in-demand workers want to fill. I swear every ad/web agency and many big in-house employers want decent web developers in my little southern city.

To the writer’s point (which I took a bit out of context above), part of the battle is being a better employer than we can be to ourselves. Many of my best friends work for themselves because employers give no real incentives to work for them instead.

If only I had a Post Status job board where quality companies could recruit quality web professionals. More on that (finally?) soon. Ish. Seriously someone punch me if it’s not up in like 3 weeks.

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