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The First Post Status Twitter Conference

Following in the footsteps of Hey Pressto! Conf, Post Status (with the blessings of the Hey Pressto! Conf founders) is picking up the torch and carrying forward with an All-on-Twitter conference: Post Status Twitter Conference.

  • When? Tuesday, May 24, from 9am – 4pm EST.
  • What? Presentations via Twitter (15 tweets per topic presented every half hour).
  • Where? All on Twitter
  • How to attend? Follow the hashtag on Twitter on May 24. #PSTwitterConf.
  • How to Present? Apply on our site here.

What is a Twitter conference? We’re so glad you asked! We couldn’t say it better than Pat Lockley and Phil Barker, so we borrowed this from their site:

Well, it’s like a conference but presentations are a series of 15 Tweets, one per minute with the conference hashtag, in a scheduled time slot.  You can add images, gifs, videos, links to your tweets to add more depth. The conference hashtag, numbering the tweets in a presentation, and threading them, all help the audience follow along. People viewing a presentation can interact by liking the tweets, retweeting them and commenting on the presentation, which builds engagement, creates question and answer threads, starts discussion and stimulates ideas. We will turn all presentations into moments so that they will remain easy to follow for as long as the presenters wish to keep their tweets available.

-Hey Pressto! Conf Oranizers

Our goal for the Post Status Twitter Conference is to have two presentations every hour from 9am – 4pm EST, all around WordPress and the web industry, centered on our theme: Give. Grow. Together.

Anyone is welcome to “attend” by following the conference hashtag and interacting with the presenters by replying to their tweets. We will turn each presentation into Twitter Moments, too, to make them even easier to review after the presentations have been completed.

We would love for you to apply to speak!

If you have questions, reach out to Michelle at or DM her in Slack or on Twitter.

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