Automattic acquires popular mobile WordPress app, Poster

Automattic acquired what is probably the most popular third party WordPress publishing app, Poster. Tom Witkin, Poster’s developer, is joining Automattic to work on the official WordPress mobile apps. There’s a little more info on Mac StoriesTechCrunch and WP Daily, if you’re interested. I enjoy using the WordPress for iOS app, and am keen to have custom fields, which Poster had. It’d make approving articles on Post Status easier. So, yay!

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  1. I don’t really find the current WordPress iOS app useful for posting anything. Sure it has a place when it comes to moderating comments and viewing stats, but writing? I’ve always found that it messes with my Markdown and is there custom field support now?

    I really hope that we see some real improvement to bring the WordPress iOS app up to the level Poster was at when it comes to writing.

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