Automattic Senior Vice President Raanan Bar-Cohen moving to Resolute Ventures

raananAfter seven years with the company, Raanan Bar-Cohen is leaving Automattic for Resolute Ventures, he announced today on his blog.

Raanan is a Senior Vice President of Commercial Services at Automattic, and one of its earliest employees. He seems to know everyone in Silicon Valley, and has had his hand in many (at the least) of the partnerships Automattic has made over the years.

When we started talking about my transition a while back, Matt & Toni were super supportive and it was fun (and a bit nostalgic) to walk down memory lane and add up all the amazing experiences we’ve had together.

Raanan is staying on as an advisor to Automattic, a testament to the positive way he’s leaving. He’s moving to Resolute Ventures, a relatively new VC headed by Automattic seed investor Michael Hirshland.

I had the opportunity to spend time with Raanan recently for the first time. It’s easy to tell that he’s good at what he does, and passionate about publishing, startups, and partnerships. Everyone I’ve heard speak of him has wonderful things to say.

This is probably a tough day for Automattic, but also a good one for them to think back at how far they’ve come, and congratulations to Raanan and everyone else that has helped them do it.

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