Automattically Blackballed

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Written By Chris Lema

6 thoughts on “Automattically Blackballed”

  1. Not sure if anyone can clue me in here, by why does this have anything to do with Automattic? The title of the article suggests so, but as I see it, it is the WordPress Foundation that is responsible for these decisions.

    • I think it was for catchy-ness reasons. But yeah, technically you are correct. However, Andrea (who runs WC central) is an Automattic employee. Matt is the sole member of the WP Foundation (I think). So… putting things together, it’s Automattic-ish, like a lot of things in our community. But it’s technically inaccurate.

    • That’s a good point. Also not being able to permalink makes it tough. But I certainly see the value of non-nested there. And having quotability here is nice on that front too.. Hmmmm….

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