Barley for WordPress is a simple and effective inline editor

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12 thoughts on “Barley for WordPress is a simple and effective inline editor”

  1. Without a license key Barley seems to break rather than just disappear. If that’s what happens to sites with expired license keys how do we feel about that, spirit of the GPL and all?

    • Update to this — I asked about it in the Barley support forum, and Colin Devroe had this to say about it:

      “@Dan Knauss We mistakingly coupled the process of “is there a new version available” with the “is this key valid”. We’re working behind-the-scenes to decouple those two things and will try to make that fit into 1.1 release of the plugin in API.

      To be perfectly clear; We want Barley for WordPress to go on working if someone has an expired license. They just won’t get any updates after the expiration date.

      This update will be out long before anyone’s one-year subscription expires. In fact, we hope to have it out very soon after the holidays.”

      I can live with that. I was concerned about the license management system being a hassle to use, but it’s fine. Other than that, my experience was similar to Brian’s. If the “what do I do now?” moments are fixed I’d probably use it a lot. Markdown support would be nice too.

  2. Looks promising, though I’d need custom field support for it to be useful. I didn’t see any mention of custom field support on the get barley site. Anyone know if it’s on the roadmap?

    • Yes it is, and I think they’ve already started addressing that in the latest release. Custom field support was probably the most requested feature. There’s a topic in their support desk about this.

  3. Since it’s release:

    1) Barley has dropped its public support forums since users didn’t expect to be helping themselves. (Now it appears to be filled with spam.)

    2) Barley has moved to Code Canyon and cancelled or will be cancelling the subscriptions it sold to users through

    As an early subscriber, I never received any notice of these changes and only learned about them after trying to use the customer panel (no success), the support forum (moribund and spam filled but still live), and eventually getting an emailed inquiry through to inquire why my license key and updates are no longer working.

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