How big can a WooCommerce store be?

The folks at MarketPress did a poll to see how big of shops people have built and managed with WooCommerce. 29% of respondents said they'd built a shop with 250-1000 products, and 11% said they'd built one with “1000+” products. It's an interesting poll, but I see two problems. First, fewer than 40 people responded. And second, they really need more options at the “1000+” level. I fit into that category with a few projects, and I can tell you there would be a huge difference in complexity managing and scaling stores with 1000 products, 3000 products, 10000 products, or 50000 products.

I'm interested to know in the comments if any of you have built stores with more than 1000 products, and the details of just how big and how well it scaled would be great information if you're willing to share.

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  1. Can’t speak to WooCommerce, but I’ve built a few larger Shopp stores, one with 20k products updated daily from a CSV feed (which was a nightmare).

    Shopp handled the load very well.

      1. Not off topic, he’s speaking to WordPress eCommerce. And please be nice. This tone will not be tolerated here beyond this warning.

  2. I’ve done 2 with 1500+ products and variations. Used the CSV importer suite plugin to deal with the inventory and such.

    Biggest pain was dealing withe the CSV format that came out of the onsite inventory system. Terrible piece of software that thing.

    As far as load, WooCommerce is fine.

  3. I deal mostly with nonprofits so the product number isn’t too large on my side. I have done a few sites for national associations and the member count has been in the tens of thousands per site – all handled with woo and groups and subscriptions.

    But overall, I agree with your sentiment that 40 respondents does not a survey make.

    Lesson: always check the data!

  4. Hi,

    We have done one website that have +3000 products or +10000 with variants in Woocommerce and I do not see this as any bigger speed issue etc. and the product management in woocommerce is great for us.

    We have also made a sync plugin for Vendhq to Woocommerce and it runs “live” so that if a person in on of our stores make a change in Vendhq its live in woocommerce the same time – Let me know on email if you like to buy this plugin, when we but it live for sale.

    We use “supercash” this I see as needed else the RAM on the server is used very fast. But is supercash is on we use less then 1mb of RAM on the server.

    So go for it 🙂

    Jacob N Masters | Visit

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