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Blueprint This: A WooCommerce Private Store

This is a great explainer from Cozmos Labs for setting up WooCommerce as a private/walled garden store. Why do that? Because you’re a manufacturer/wholesaler who sells directly to retailers — and at the same time you want to expand, educate, and network your retailers inside your private WordPress-based social network. That was tricky to do back when WordPress wasn’t suited to it, WooCommerce didn’t exist, and JoomlaMagento integration was (fortunately) pretty good. But good grief, Magento is a bear that makes WooCommerce look lean.

So why not just make common use cases like this into ready-to-roll WP/Woo “blueprints?” One-Click Walled Woo Gardens! Not hard to do with everyone’s favorite and don’t-we-wish-it-was-GPL local dev tool.