BuddyPress 2.3, “Livio”

BuddyPress 2.3 has been released, and it’s called “Livio”, after the famous Tuscan restaurant. BuddyPress 2.3’s biggest feature is an attachments API that powers the new avatar interface.

In the release post, Mathieu Viet calls the attachments API, “the long-awaited foundation for media-related BuddyPress components and features.”

2.3 includes a number of other features, but the most interesting to me is the ability to assign members (a promising 2.2 feature) to individual directories.

I have honestly not kept up with BuddyPress that well over the last couple of years. According to WordPress.org, it’s active on over 100,000 websites, which isn’t that many for such a big project, but the team that runs it is dedicated and very talented.

BuddyPress project lead John James Jacoby said the team really came together for this release:

Thank you to the BuddyPress core team for making the 2.3.0 release our smoothest one ever. Everyone stepped up to help with our change log, the blog & forum posts, tweets and retweets (were in a boat?), and helped test the Zip file to ensure it was packaged correctly. In the past, one or two of us frantically did all of this through-out the day, and having all-hands on deck went a long way towards a smooth release for everyone.

He also noted that he still has time to commit to the project in a full-time-ish capacity, as a result of the IndieGoGo campaign that raised around $50,000 for him to do so, thanks to “clean living.”

Congratulations to everyone that worked on BuddyPress 2.3; it’s nice to see such a niche WordPress product continue to get so many hardworking contributors to consistently put out impressive feature releases.

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