Working with images on Jetpack related posts

Jetpack’s related posts module is very good at matching, using ElasticSearch and’s servers. It’s one of the more compelling features of Jetpack.

But I’ve never been a big fan because when the post doesn’t have an image, the resulting output is kind of atrocious. Jeremy Herve has a nice code snippet to fix that, so that either posts without images don’t show up or you can use a default image for posts without one.

I think the feature to include a default image should be an option in the admin for less code savvy users, so I proposed it on Github.

I am currently using Related Posts For WordPress on Post Status. From a display perspective, I love it. But, at least in my case, it just doesn’t come close to matching Jetpack’s power for matching. I may do a full review of that plugin at a later date, but this little snippet from Jeremy is tempting me to switch back to Jetpack’s module.

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