Buffer shared their State of Remote…

Buffer shared their State of Remote Work report which shares insights and data from over 3,500 remote workers. Among their findings, remote workers say they are happiest “when they spend more than 76% of their time working remotely.” Sadly, “a majority of organizations don’t pay for monthly expenses associated with remote work.” πŸ‘©β€πŸ’»


I’ve worked with remote teams since 2008, and a lot of these findings feel like an affirmation of things I've learned from that experience. However, there are big potential personal struggles that come along with the many upsides of remote work, namely social “isolation” and “not being able to unplug” — especially if 80% of your work time is at home. Regarding collaboration and communication, we had a hybrid team — half distributed, half in office. The consistent complaint from our remote team, no matter what we did, was always that they felt like they were out of the loop.

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