Two new and compelling reasons to sign your team up for Post Status

I want to share two new members-only resources for you at Post Status.

Our intention is to load up even more value than you already get from us — and give you two more compelling reasons to sign your team up for Post Status.

1. The Book Nook 📚

You might not know this, but I’m a book addict!

One of my core values is “Learn and Grow, then Teach and Share.”

That’s why I’ve started a new Post Status Slack channel for reading books about business and personal growth together. It’s called #BookNook, and you can find it here.

To get the conversation started, I’ve shared two resources for you:

I want to help you and your team read for personal and professional growth. Each month, I’ll be sharing the books I’m reading, the things I learn from them, and I hope you will join me.

Get on board with the Book Nook »


2. Learn & Leverage Your Strengths Mini-Course 🧠

I just published a new mini-course called Uniquely You where I walk through three strengths discovery tools I used prolifically at iThemes for over a decade.

The goal is to help you as a leader learn more about yourself and then leverage those strengths in your organization.

The videos are short, the slides are all there for you to download, and I give specific examples of how I used them in my business. (And how I still use them.)

In fact, Brian and I talked about this on our latest podcast together around the 26-minute mark.

Every time I talked about my team’s strengths I saw an uptick in their energy and focus. 

We all love talking about ourselves and especially the things we’re naturally good at.

I found that this is an easy affordable way to invest in your team.

To answer questions and spur discussion, I’ve started a new PS Slack channel called #UniquelyYou to discuss the mini-course.

Start Uniquely You Now »


Team Memberships

It’s time to sign your team up for a Post Status Membership »

If you haven’t noticed, we’re trying to make this a no-brainer to sign up your team for Post Status.

Our aim is to equip you and your team to be exceptionally informed and WordPress professionals prepared to succeed in whatever you do.

Imagine you write an email tomorrow saying, “Hey team, I just got you something new to help you learn and grow professionally (and personally) and keep up with WordPress in the meantime.”

In addition to the above resources, Brian and I are working to add even more value to your membership — and your team.

Sign up your team »


More on the way

We are just getting started. We’re working on new features for professional WordPressers, and teams looking to level up their continuous education.

Here are two additional things we’re super-excited about that we’re working on to roll out next:

  • In-Person ‘Masterminds’ — These would be small events (fewer than 20 people along with Brian and I) with laser-focused topics. The first one we’re working on is for helping Plugin Authors with  Marketing and Monetizing their product.
  • Bi-Monthly Live Events — These are half-day live & online learning events where we bring in domain specific experts to speak about key subjects you deal with while holding a Q&A chat in Post Status Slack. (E.g., managing healthy remote work environments.)

As always, I’d love to hear your feedback and ideas on all of this.

Reply to this email or DM me in Slack.

We’re here to support you!

—Cory Miller
Partner, Post Status


PS: If you’re not a member yet, these are just a couple of additional reasons you should join the Club.

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