Business Roundup Week Ending February 17

A recent report from Sucuri revealed a major AdSense fraud campaign that has affected over 10,000 WordPress sites. The campaign redirects traffic to fake websites to generate revenue through AdSense ads. Additionally, Sucuri’s report outlines several best practices for web admins to ensure their sites are secure and protected from fraudulent activities. WordPress users need to take these security measures seriously, as they can have a significant impact not only on their site but on the entire WordPress platform. is a powerful email personalization tool that helps businesses engage with their customers more effectively. The platform automatically generates personalized emails from templates, allowing companies to send highly targeted messages tailored to individual customer needs and interests. It also provides advanced analytics, enabling users to track the performance of each campaign in real-time and make adjustments as needed. Moreover,’s machine learning capabilities improve over time, ensuring that all customer communications stay relevant and up to date.

Vint Cerf, the renowned Internet pioneer and Turing Award recipient, has raised concerns about ChatGPT AI technology after noticing its potential to produce inaccurate information despite being fed factual material – similar to a “snake oil or salad shooter.” Nevertheless, OpenAI recently proposed an affordable $20 monthly plan for using this language-based system; Microsoft is also integrating it into their Bing search engine to provide more authoritative responses.

DigitalOcean on Wednesday told staff it was laying off about 11 percent of them, or approximately 200 employees.

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