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Cart and Inner Blocks for WooCommerce

Here’s what’s new in WooCommerce and Woo Blocks, plus some tips for increasing ROI and extending your network.

WooCommerce 6.5 beta 1 is out, so it’s time to start testing. In addition, WooCommerce Blocks 7.4.0, 7.4.1, and 7.4.2 (release notes) introduce the new Cart and Checkout Inner Blocks. Now you are able to insert Woo blocks in the available spaces inside other blocks. This works just as it does with regular WordPress blocks. You can also move, edit, and optimize using the Inner Blocks. These releases also include some bug fixes and enhancements.

Over on Do the Woo this week, we talked to four speakers from the upcoming Atarim Web Agency Summit. In part 1, Anne-Mieke Bovelett shares a tip for increasing the ROI of a Woo shop for clients.

In part 2, Maciek Palmowski, David Mainayar, and Nev Harris gave us some solid tips for “Simplifying the Complex.” Keeping it simple is key in the Woo shops you build and the agencies you run.

The week ended with Courtney Robertson and Marcus Burnette sharing their experiences presenting at events and podcasting. Making appearances like these can help developers extend their network and find new career paths or enhance their existing role. Plus, public speaking gives agency owners a great way to find talent in the space.

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