Cheers to the GPL

cheersThis past weekend, I co-organized WordCamp Birmingham, or WP Y’all, and a couple of our (many) taglines were “In Open Source We Trust” and “Cheers to the GPL.” So naturally we toasted the GPL at the after party.

Going through all of the pictures and seeing our toast, I thought about it some more and realized that celebrating open source is something I should do more often. WordPress could not possibly be what it is without being open source, and the barrier to entry for almost all of us was lowered significantly because we could freely and easily view, use, hack, and contribute to WordPress and third-party open source code.

So I guess I’d just like to share this with you, so that next time you have the opportunity, maybe you’ll remember to celebrate open source software or perhaps even get to offer up a toast to the GPL and the software freedoms it ensures for us.

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