Civic is a blockchain based ID system with a WordPress plugin

I know I’ve talked a lot about blockchain stuff lately. One of the examples I mentioned in a previous newsletter was for identification. Civic is one of the more prominent ID projects in crypto-land, and I mentioned they had a WordPress plugin on the way.

The plugin is out now, so people can login to a website with their Civic ID — which you use from your phone with a barcode scanner and redirect system. I’ve already used this on a few crypto-specific websites and it’s pretty slick.

At some point, I think login systems like this are inevitable, and will be far safer than our password driven process now. You may enjoy learning more about Civic, and checkout the plugin.

Checking some keywords in the WordPress directory, there are actually a few interesting blockchain-centric plugins, but there is definitely room for a lot more. If anybody has interest in this realm, I have one in particular I want to build, and I’d happily consult on it.