WordPress with an IDE in it

Have you used the beta version of WordPress 4.9? I have. One of the new things is the file editor, which has been pretty fully overhauled.

It has a lot of improvements. If we are to have a file editor at all, these are proper changes. I joked about WordPress with an IDE on Twitter, and Ryan Sullivan smartly reminded me of my own positionย from a comment on his blog.

I had some long discussion / debate with Otto about this once. I agree with you that itโ€™s better off just not being there, but he had some decent reasons about why I was wrong.

However, we did agree on something: there is room for some built in syntax checking and perhaps some safety precautions that would prevent, say, someone from completely borking their site. I think the struggle is that this is a) an easy thing to take out b) a difficult thing to do *well* and leave in c) even easier to just ignore.

Most people hyper-alert to the WordPress world know not to screw with this editor. Out of sight, out of mind. However, that probably doesnโ€™t reflect the true state of how this editor plays in day to day users: a big source for hacks and fails.

Anyway, let's put aside the argument over the file editor existing. Weston brought up a very good point, that I think should be the primary benefit for this new syntax checking system: it will be used in text widgets and custom CSS windows.

This is overwhelmingly a good thing. In fact, I wonder if there's a case for enabling HTML syntax checking in the text-view of the post editor as well.

Anyway, I'm now much more satisfied with this project that I was before. Also, the warning system that's gone in the file editor is a big improvement too. Still, as Scott Taylor noted, for actual file editing, this should be considered the crudest of options, not a good practice.

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