Coinbase Commerce is an API layer…

Coinbase Commerce is an API layer for merchants to interact with crypto-based payments, through the most prominent cryptocurrency onboarding service, Coinbase. It makes it simple to create an interface for websites and applications to accept cryptocurrency as payment.

The Coinbase Commerce API was recently released, and it initially launched undocumented and without access, but with a Shopify integration. Now the API is open, enabling other projects to implement the new API into their platforms.

Easy Digital Downloads has already updated their gateway to use the new API. And Coinbase has hired a WordPress eCommerce consultant to build out a gateway for WooCommerce.

Coinbase is huge, with well over 12 million customers. Enabling these gateways offers a valuable new option for people wishing to accept crypto as payment, especially with the surge of interest over the last year, and while at the same time popular providers like Stripe have removed support.

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