Community Roundup Week Ending April 7

Podcasting in WordPress

I heard from Topher DeRosia today that WPPodcasts has amplified over 11,000 WordPress podcast episodes. That’s a lot of hours worth of listening to content centered around WordPress. And that’s not a bad thing.

I’ve heard the sentiment that “we don’t need any more WordPress podcasts,” but, I respectfully disagree. (And not just because I love podcasting.)

Every podcaster tells a different story, has a different approach, and a different niche. And every one of them (us) is doing something to help move forward the open source project and the community at large. Whether it’s reviewing themes and plugins, interviewing community members, or talking about the future of WordPress, each podcaster has something to share. And that’s a beautiful thing.

If you’re looking for something new to listen to, check out There’s a lot of great curated content there, and you just might find something that interests you!

In the Spotlight

Post Status professional member James LePage is in the spotlight this week. James is a tech entrepreneur and experienced web developer with a focus on WordPress development and AI-powered tools. 

Join Us on Meetup

Join the Post Status meetup here: and then RSVP for the meetups that best meet your needs (one, two, or all three).

  • Professionals: 4/18 at noon ET
  • Agency: 4/19 at 10am ET
  • Product: 4/20 at 10am ET

Check out more WordPress events on WP.Events, a site I curate through StellarWP.

Photo of the Week

Today’s photo of the week comes from Aaron Jorbin on WordPress Photos.

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  1. I have the same thoughts here on having plenty of space, and the need, for many voices in WordPress on various podcasts. πŸ™‚

    I make some time to stop by and give a like or message on other platforms, like YouTube, to try and signal boost the good people in particular and WordPress in general. But almost all of the content I consume is directly from that sites blog, or a podcast.

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