Copyblogger rebrands to Rainmaker

Put this in your “good to know but not a huge deal” bucket:

In many ways, this is just a company name change, and nothing more. will continue to be an important content platform that fuels this company, as it always has been. In fact, we’ve got really ambitious plans for the site that begin rolling out this fall.

And yet, the change needs to happen. Calling the company β€œCopyblogger” at this point makes about as much sense as calling it β€œStudioPress” β€” it only tells part of the story.

When Copyblogger and StudioPress merged, Copyblogger was probably the bigger business, and definitely was the bigger brand. Renaming as Rainmaker does offer them a more generic broad-brush but recognizable brand to continue to grow from.

The new umbrella landing page is Rainmaker Digital.

Also, as a member noted, goodness they have a ton of podcasts on now: 18! Craziness — I guess they are going all in. That’s more shows than some of the largest podcast networks.