Create a WordPress VIP simulated dev environment, quickly

vipquickstartIf you want to create a development environment to mimic the WordPress VIP hosting platform, the VIP team has you covered. VIP Quickstart is a new tool, available on Github, that helps you set up everything easily.

According to the announcement post, here are the technical bits:

VIP Quickstart is a mix of Vagrant, Puppet, Bash scripts, and some PHP code that will help you quickstart your VIP development. The setup installs a base Ubuntu 12.04 box running PHP, Nginx, and MySQL. The WordPress installation will be WordPress multisite from the latest trunk build. It also includes the WordPress Developer plugin along with all the recommended VIP plugins and the VIP Shared Plugins repository. Finally, there are some customizations and WP-CLI.

You will need VirtualBox, Vagrant, Git, and Subversion ready to go on your machine.

This seems like a nice time saver, both for those that work frequently on VIP projects, and those that are simply curious or want to compare it to their own setups.