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Creativity and Chronic Pain

Here’s “a frank conversation about illness and pain” from AIGA Eye on Design by Madeleine Morley. Madeleine talks with SICK magazine editor Olivia Spring about SICK’s rejection of productivity as a virtue. Pause and rest when you need to β€” and make that possible for your employees or team.

Here’s Olivia on why her creative output is only possible because she has family support, not traditional employment:

If I had to work a standard, paying job, despite the fact that it would severely worsen my illness and quality of life, I probably wouldn’t have the energy to write at all. It’s obviously not a privilege to be too sick to work (in the traditional sense), but it is an immense privilege to have the resources and support to pursue the things I want to do, and can do. Since moving back to the US from the UK two years ago, I received government benefits and free healthcare for the first time in my life, and live in my parent’s house.

Take a look at SICK‘s layout and design and think about what it represents in beautiful, unique work traditional employers are unable, unwilling, or simply uninterested in supporting.