Underrepresentation in Technology

News, information, and guidance for underrepresented people who are working in tech and employers who want to build a diverse and inclusive workforce in the WordPress ecosystem and their own companies.

DEI = Salary Transparency

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Dan Knauss
https://twitter.com/dimensionmedia/status/1568670894939344897 @Stratacomm again: Biggest applause line of @camikaos DEIB talk: “In order to have equity, we have to have salary transparency.” #WCUS @Piccia digs deep into that very subject this week at Post Status.

Salary Transparency: Why Not?

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Piccia Neri
On the Post Status job board, like many others, most of the WordPress employers who use it don’t include salary ranges on their job listings. Should they? Piccia Neri asked them all why they do or don't practice salary transparency. She also put the question to agencies, freelancers, the WordPress community, developers, and designers on Twitter. Find out what Piccia learned and why she thinks salary transparency should be a universal practice where it hasn't yet become a legal obligation.

Creativity and Chronic Pain

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Dan Knauss
Here's "a frank conversation about illness and pain" from AIGA Eye on Design by Madeleine Morley. Madeleine talks with SICK magazine editor Olivia Spring about SICK's rejection of productivity as a virtue. Pause and rest when you need to —…

Can Five for the Future Fund WordPress Research?

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Jordi Cabot
How can WordPress attract and retain more contributors? How can we assess and improve contributors, leaders, governance, transparency, discourse, and diversity in this dynamic community? Jordi Cabot proposes making research into these areas as a part of WordPress.org's Five for the Future program.

An Inclusive Workplace is More Than Skin Deep

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Talisha Lewallen
Some people have said that Post Status is not culturally diverse, although half of our employees identify as female. They say we are not diverse because we all look “white.” Does that make us a company that is not culturally diverse? No, it doesn’t. What that photograph does not show is heritage, or home culture, or race and nationality. Our team is a combination of different nationalities, races, and cultures. 
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