Salary Transparency: Why Not?

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Written By Piccia Neri

7 thoughts on “Salary Transparency: Why Not?”

  1. With California and New York considering mandatory salary ranges on job postings, this will likely soon be a thing of the past as other states follow suit. We’ve got ranges on our postings.

  2. During our last round of hiring, we started putting salary ranges on our listings (including the one we had on Post Status, thankyouverymuch!) and I have to say, it was liberating!

    We no longer had to worry if a great candidate would be out of our budget, since we already knew anyone who applied would be okay with that range. That saved everyone a lot of time and stress. (I don’t like making a job offer only to wonder if someone is going to counter, and then waiting in dread knowing I might have to negotiate, and that I might miss a great candidate if I don’t get it right.)

    Next time we’re hiring, I plan to post a specific starting salary, not a range. Everyone wants to be at the top of the range anyway (whether they ask for it or not), and then if they don’t get that, they’ll likely feel undervalued. I’m now convinced that sharing salary numbers in advance makes makes the hiring process significantly easier, and is far more equitable.

    • Wow Andrew, you’ve totally validated my points from the point of view of the business owner, offering a perspective I hadn’t actually thought about. Love the point about the starting salary as opposed to a range: it makes perfect sense. Thank you so much, I hugely appreciate you taking the time to comment, it brings a lot to the conversation.

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