How to customize the WordPress theme customizer defaults

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Written By Brian Krogsgard

10 thoughts on “How to customize the WordPress theme customizer defaults”

  1. Great post Brian!

    While working on Twenty Fourteen I noticed how a lot of people haven’t realized the power of using the get_*() methods to just change previously defined behavior, rather than removing and re-adding it. We ended up using it a lot in 2014, mostly to enhance documentation.

    • Hey Konstantin, thanks for the compliment! I didn’t look in Twenty Fourteen yet but I will now! I appreciate the heads up. I started my exploration in _s to see how it modeled it, but I’d love to see a theme that’s flexing its muscles a bit more like that.

  2. Not enough commercial themes take advantage of this amazing WordPress feature. Screw bespoken options pages. You can do everything with the Theme Customizer technology–you just have to be creative. Just look at the new Widgets Customizer coming up in 3.9.

    I’d love to see multiple pages of the Customizer, though. I’d also love to see the Customizer become the content editing tool somehow, e.g. live preview with all the tools of the edit screen!

  3. This is the post I was referring to in the older post. I absolutely love that this was written. It’s something I’ve always thought, and that I’m glad some companies are taking notice. Themes are ridiculously complicated to the point of absurdity. I hate hacking into a ‘custom theme’ with its annoying admin panel. Theme developers need to remember the power of simplicity.

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