Design inspiration: WordPress VIP site redesigns

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Written By Brian Krogsgard

4 thoughts on “Design inspiration: WordPress VIP site redesigns”

  1. I just looked at it on my iPad and it doesn’t render well: the main message kind of just stops mid-way, the things below stack weirdly. It’s like they tried to make it responsive for tablets, but didn’t quite succeed. Which is so unlike Automattic, since they pay very close attention to detail.

    • Howdy Miriam, I’m sorry you had trouble looking at the website using your iPad. We’ve since fixed the issue on that device and will be rolling out a fully-responsive design in the upcoming weeks.

  2. Hi Brian, I’m Filipe, the designer for the VIP team. We’ve been working on rebranding the VIP Services for a while and just soft launched the new theme last week.

    Thanks for the kind words — it means a lot and confirms we’re headed in the right direction. The new website will hopefully make for a better VIP experience.

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