Dre Armeda and Brad Williams tease “DradCast”

It seems that Dre Armeda and Brad Williams are destined to return to the internet-airwaves soon, with what appears to be a podcast called, “DradCast.” Drad is the nickname that Brad and Dre have given themselves as a tag team duo. The URL is currently just a signup form to be notified when DradCast starts.

Dre and Brad were on WP Late Night with Ryan Imel of WPCandy for almost a year, but they recorded their last episode in December. Dre is a co-founder of Sucuri, a top notch malware and security firm. And Brad is a co-founder and partner of WebDevStudios, one of the most well known WordPress centric development agencies in the country.

I look forward to seeing how Brad and Dre refocus (what I assume to be) a WordPress oriented podcast with DradCast. I’m always up for having more good podcasts around.

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  1. Awesome! I’ve started listening to podcasts more, and more WordPress stuff is always great. Brad and Dre certainly know their stuff.

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