Dumitru Brinzan examines the package size…

Dumitru Brinzan examines the package size of major WordPress versions over the past decade and how they’ve grown over 600%. We’ve gone from 5.38 MB and 603 files to 38.0 MB and 1,713 files.

Dumitru also looks at the sizes and number of files of popular themes and plugins, including JetPack.

Noting that there “are appropriate tools for all tasks,” Dumitru believes that WordPress is no longer suitable “for the most basic of websites.” He illustrates this with the line “you don’t use a blowtorch to light a match.” πŸ”₯

I do believe there are instances where additional complexities in software are required. On the other hand, many websites are bloated. JavaScript, images, and video can be optimized or removed. Bloat is often a result of pride and laziness in business decisions and development.

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