Easy Content Types for sale

Pippin Williamson is selling his Easy Content Types plugin, after five years of managing it under Pippin's Plugins.

Easy Content Types spent two years on Code Canyon before he moved it to his personal site. It still sells pretty well, and he states on the post, “the plugin has averaged 29 sales per month and has had an average income of $971.67 per month.”

He's expecting offers to start around twice yearly revenue, or roughly $20,000. He believes — and I agree with him — that its years of history are a good start for someone willing to give it some love and attention.

He added the following requirements for the sale, as well as what he's including with it:

I do have a few expectations (requirements?) that I wish to be honored by the new owner:

  1. The plugin will remain available and receive active development to further enhance and improve its feature set.
  2. All customers that hold an active license key will be honored and supported until their license keys expire.
  3. The plugin will continue to be distributed under the GPL license
  4. The owner will not be anonymous. If you wish for your name to be kept private until terms are finalized, that is acceptable, but once the transfer is complete, I will announce the new owner to all existing customers to assist them in the transition.

Along with the code base, the new owner will receive CSV exports of all customer records and license keys. I will also happily add a 301 redirect to my product pages to help drive traffic to the plugin’s new location.

The 301 of product pages will be a nice add, and I'm really glad he's unwilling to sell to an anonymous buyer. Under the right stewardship, this could be a nice little product for someone.

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