An effort for automattic responsive images in WordPress

The spec for responsive images is pretty settled, finally, and WordPress (rightfully so) hasn’t really addressed the situation yet at a core level. Tim Evko and Mat Marquis — both from the Responsive Images Community Group — collaborated to create a working solution for WordPress responsive images.

Keep in mind, this is not just simple image scaling. It’s truly using different source images with the srcset image parameter. It’s an awesome effort and it’s not simple. Better yet, the plugin aims to be an “activate and forget it” feature, whereas most efforts I’ve seen require shortcodes or other non-sufficient methods.

Responsive images will eventually need to be part of the core image selection process, I believe. This is a great plugin to get involved in if you’re using large images on your responsive websites (hint: that’s probably most of us).

Tim wrote an outstanding breakdown of the plugin and how it works on Smashing Magazine. You can also check it out on or Github.

This effort required months of work, and they even got feedback from some of the core team in the WordPress Slack channel. This is the best effort yet for WordPress responsive images. We need to keep pushing and iterating, and this is an awesome start.

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