Eve.io – Is 8Bit getting into hosting?

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Written By Brian Krogsgard

12 thoughts on “Eve.io – Is 8Bit getting into hosting?”

  1. You’ve got eagle-eyes I must say. I could have sworn that wasn’t there when I looked earlier on in the day. It’s an interesting name Eve, especially for hosting. Even more interesting is that they’ve stuck with the .io TLD, it’s not exactly a popular one right?

    Saying all that, there must be a big enough demand for this from Standard Theme customers? If we look at WebSynthesis, it’s been optimised for Genesis users. Then you have WooThemes with theirs (which at the time of writing, is still under wraps). I’ll take a stab and say it’ll be optimised for all their themes. It’s like people are moving away from your “bog-standard” host (no harm intended), and going down a more specialist route!

    I think it’ll be interesting to see things unfold … 🙂

    • Tantalizing. @saddington, I’ve just submitted the invite. We just so happen to be comparing the Managed Hosting world in prep for a launch. I’m anxious to get more details.

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