Interviews to read / listen to / watch this week

I want to take a moment to link up a few interviews you might be interested in this week.

AMA with Tom McFarlin

In the second WP Chat Ask Me Anything, Tom McFarlin takes the stage. Tom is a great guy to learn from, and I enjoyed many of his answers. In particular I enjoyed his answer on what learning path new people to WordPress development should take, and his advice for those interested in selling themes on

Thomas Griffin on Scale Your Code

Awesome Motive CTO & Partner Thomas Griffin talks about WordPress products, workflows, and more on a new podcast called Scale Your Code.

Membership sites with Chris Lema

Chris Lema did a couple interviews lately. The one I'd recommend you check out first is the one he did with Mitch Jackson about WordPress membership websites. Chris influenced a good number of my decisions making a membership site (like doing a yearly renewal instead of monthly). He was also on Kitchen Sink WP.

Smart Passive Income with Fizzle & Pinch of Yum

Bonus podcast on membership sites, this episode of Smart Passive Income features the Fizzle crew, and I enjoyed it enough to signup for a month trial. I probably won't renew because it's not the fit for me right now, but Fizzle's onboarding and emails and whatnot are exceptional. It's worth the dollar trial just for seeing their processes, and their interview with Pat Flynn was great.

Oh, Smart Passive Income with the couple behind Pinch of Yum was also great.

SPI, Fizzle and Pinch of Yum all run on WordPress to boot. And if you look at the income reports for Smart Passive Income and Pinch of Yum, you'll see they make a ton of money off WordPress affiliate links as well. What a huge ecosystem we have on our hands.

Matt Mullenweg on Matt Report

Matt Mullenweg did what is best described as a follow-up interview to his one with Tim Ferriss, this time with fellow Matt, Matt Medeiros. A couple of interesting nuggets there, if you just can't get enough of Matt(s).

Curtis McHale and Kim Gjerstad on WPElevation

Two interviews on WPElevation are good ones: Curtis McHale talks productivity and Kim Gjerstad talks about building MailPoet. I really liked both of these.

New leadership at StudioPress

Okay, this one isn't out yet, but I look forward to hearing Carrie Dils talk to the new head of StudioPress, Lauren Mancke. They are chatting on February 26th and you can catch it live. Lauren is officially taking the lead on StudioPress for Copyblogger, after Brian Gardner was in charge for many years.


I hope that gives you your fill of WordPress interviews for a day or two. They did for me.

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