Twitter introduces an official plugin for WordPress

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9 thoughts on “Twitter introduces an official plugin for WordPress”

  1. The description in the plugin directory mentions that it requires PHP 5.4 or later. Over on their GitHub readme:

    The Twitter plugin for WordPress requires PHP 5.4 or newer to take advantage of traits, late static bindings for extensibility, namespaces, and Twitter libraries. Embedded Tweets require a server capable of communicating with Twitter’s servers over TLS/SSL; the cURL library typically works best.

    Seems like this has the potential to frustrate a lot of users who are on shared hosting with older PHP versions.

      • Hey Josh! Hope all is well up north, we just got a ton of snow!
        Anyways, In this case I totally agree – good for them – I think it’s sometimes going to be up to independent devs to push the bar forward. I best most people don’t know their host has a PHP version that’s 3 years old…

    • requires PHP5.4 … a server capable of communicating with Twitter’s servers over TLS/SSL

      Awesome! This makes me glad 🙂 …and its a great poke to get legacy hosts moving as clients migrate to pursue upgrades.

    • To be fair, we made sure that they thought of that. The plugin fails gracefully on PHP < 5.4 installs. It doesn't exactly give the nicest response there, but it does return without breaking the site instead. So, on lower version hosting systems, it basically does nothing.

      There's surely room for improvement there, for example, to notify the user of the requirements, but for a first version, I think it's reasonable.

  2. This interests me more for the analytics and advertising parts. But I wonder if it adds unnecessary scripts to pages/posts where other features are not in use. Will have to test of course.

  3. Neat, was wondering where the sudden download spike was coming from.

    I love that the plugin requires PHP 5.4+ and that it is almost fully covered by unit tests. We need more plugins like that…

    Judging from the first few reviews, it could do with a more user-friendly way of letting users know their PHP is outdated though… 🙂

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