Finding stability in WordPress

Lara Littlefield’s is the latest story on HeroPress, and it is a moving one. Lara has been using WordPress since the very beginning and today runs SimmerWP, which looks like a really neat tool for managing recipes.

Lara really opens up with her story and has lots of great advice. I really appreciated her take on faking it until you make it:

You’ll often feel like you “don’t know what you’re doing” when starting out, and if you’re starting up something like a business in a cutting edge technology space, you definitely shouldn’t! So, simply fake it until you make it (because that’s what everyone else is doing). Learn from ethical leaders you admire in your niche, and adapt their unique strategies to tackling new problems critically in order to grow your own business acumen.

Just because you’re the first one to show up to a space, especially in WordPress and open source technology, doesn’t mean you can’t fill in the blanks as you go. So act like a true explorer of uncharted territory (which is basically all of WordPress for the next 10 years, at least), record your findings, and enjoy the feeling of being like every pioneer before you by faking it until you make it.

Check out the rest on HeroPress.

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