First look at a front end editing concept for WordPress core

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Written By Brian Krogsgard

1 thought on “First look at a front end editing concept for WordPress core”

  1. Great link, Brian.

    James Mowery, CEO of ManageWP, here. I believe that WordPress should strive to make the initial experience of interacting with WordPress less jarring. It’s why other platforms — Tumblr, Blogger, and even Ghost — have gained their followers; it’s just easier to jump in and get started.

    If anything, I believe the interface should do a better job of taking away the things that you don’t need to interact with at a particular moment, making the initial steps immediately after you setup a blog more streamlined, and allow a more cohesive way to do editing directly on the page/post you are on. For a new user, they can be exposed to a lot of text boxes with little knowledge of what they do, so it can be overwhelming. So this needs to be improved.

    My hope, however, is that WordPress also maintains its powerful feature set and doesn’t forget the ecosystem of theme and plugin developers.

    Our service, ManageWP, does a lot of work in automating the management of sites, and we can help tens of thousands of people to help accomplish this because of the community of theme and plugin developers. So as long as developers and designers can still freely express themselves within the WordPress platform — and can still give users the control they desire — I believe the aforementioned changes will be great!

    To the continued success of WordPress!

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