Five years of Yoast

Joost de Valk sent a newsletter this morning noting that Yoast has been in business for five years. It’s hard to believe just five years ago he had a job working for someone else. Now they are a team of twenty four.

And he didn’t hire his first employee until 2012. In his newsletter, he made some highlights of the last five years. My favorite was his thinking on hiring:

At first, I didn’t want to have employees. I didn’t want to become a manager and for that reason I only wanted to work with freelancers. Soon I noticed that the company couldn’t grow if I wouldn’t have employees. Besides, it’s pretty lonely in the long run!

I hired Michiel in 2012. With the growth of the company, the number of employees grew as well. Although we didn’t expect to hire this many people, we now have 24 employees and we’re still growing!

YoastCon is also coming next week, and if you can’t make it to The Netherlands, you can stream the part of the conference for free.

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