Freelance WordPress writers, and other tips for promoting products

A recent post on WPKube goes fairly in-depth on how to promote new WordPress products. Overall, it’s a pretty thorough guide, even if I don’t think every aspect of the guide is the best route.

What I found interesting was that the author created a list of freelance writers that make the rounds in the WordPress space. You’ll have heard of some of these names.

This conversation came up in our Slack chat recently, where some members were less than thrilled with the style of content that you get from WordPress freelance writers.

However, others have had success hiring freelance writers to do WordPress focused content. I personally think it depends on the type of site and the type of content you want written. I see both sides of the coin. I hate when I see the same topics copied over and over — especially when I feel I had a pretty good claim on the topic the first time around.

Anyway, this is a pretty good list of freelance writers, and some are worth focusing on more than others.

There are a number of freelancers out there that appear on different websites in the WordPress sphere, such as:

If you can get Josh to write for you, he’s even a Post Status member, and in my opinion the best technical writer of this group.

If I were seeking a regular writer for a product website, I don’t know exactly how I’d go about it; I think it depends on the site and goals. But one method would be for the team members of the company to write posts and go on a rotation. WebDevStudios does that well. Another good method is to tell the story of the business’s progress, which Groove does as well as anyone. Another method is to get a group of industry experts to guest post regularly, like WP Elevation does. There are many methods, and the key is to figure out what’s right for you and your business.

You can see this list of writers and Nick’s other tips for promoting WordPress products on WPKube. Also, I wrote a post with tips of my own a while back you may be interested in.

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