Tips for marketing WordPress products

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Written By Brian Krogsgard

9 thoughts on “Tips for marketing WordPress products”

  1. From someone who is starting out in the theme business (two themes in..) and in it for the long run, this is great timing, very informative and well written.

    Thank you!


  2. I think you got pretty much all what I have thought about this.

    Naturally theme demo site is a must, not just bigger theme thumbnail. Actually what I’ve been thinking to do more is add little documentations (and maybe screenshots of admin) in the demo site also.

    I wish Stripe was available outside US, Canada and UK. I hope they get their change in Europe soon. And anywhere.

    But hey, I just left this comment to put my name out:)

  3. @Sami, I think thumbnails are always a must. I buy a lot of premium WordPress content and the visuals are likely 90% of my purchasing decisions (assuming I believe it’ll work of course). – Chris

    • That’s a little surprise for me. I’ve always thought that live demo site is more important than screenshot(s) when selecting a theme. At least it is for me.

      From a screenshot I can’t see how theme behaves, how does it work on mobile etc. I always test sites with real devices.

  4. WordPress plugin developers need to showcase their plugins in the same way that iOS and Android Apps are demonstrated. Nothing wrong with being a bit flashy, and actually demonstrating the product. But I think most are not concerned with selling the plugin, and are more focused on the development.

  5. Social Media accounts are really important to use. I know someone, who increased thousands of traffic through social media marketing. Basically Facebook. BTW, thank you in advance dear for sharing this informative article based on WordPress product marketing. Keep writing,

  6. Nice article, is very useful since I’ll be putting an plugin out soon.

    You can expect an email from me when its live 🙂


    PS. Your website doesn’t like me 🙁 I’m getting recognized as a spammer 😮

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