Anonymity is bullshit

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Written By Brian Krogsgard

17 thoughts on “Anonymity is bullshit”

  1. Thank you very much about this post! I am still rearranging my own websites to be more open and clear about what we do, but in our support and social media we’re always very open about who we are.

    This post is actually very inspiring and I like the way you pointed it out.

  2. Yep, well said Brian. I just got done reading it and the first thing I did was search for “nathan walker” and was not successful.

    They claim a lot about trust in that post, yet don’t offer any hint of WHY anyone should trust them. I buy products from people and companies I TRUST because it makes me feel fuzzy and comfortable for the long term…no matter what the cost.

  3. Excellent article, Brian, right from that whiplash title!

    The amount of sloppy thinking on both sides of this kerfuffle has worn me down and this opportunistic wee site is a motherlode of septic idiocy.

    Like Adam, I searched in vain for some clue as to who Nathan Walker might be. Whoever he is, this is not an idea that can work and I sincerely hope no-one could be dumb enough to pay hundreds of dollars upfront to join a site which will almost certainly disappear into the ether before the end of this year, along with its mysterious owner. Luckily, his marketing style seems to be sufficiently swivel-eyed to scare away even the most gullible potential customers.

    As Ryan says, worthy of being ignored, apart from being an interesting footnote to an affair that, regardless of where you stood on the decision itself, was a reminder of the importance of thinking more realistically about how customers will react to major changes.

    • Well said, and a really good lesson on both sides on the business view.

      The bottom line is that a business does need to remain sustainable, and as long as transparency exists with your customers, your moral standing can remain intact:)

  4. There are always people ready to make money from cases like this.

    The WP Avengers is a scam site, that’s for sure. And I bet it’ll dissapear after making some money from unaware people.

    It’s simply a matter of time…

  5. I couldn’t agree more. Anonymity is a copout. My initial reaction to this is that their business model is setup as a group of senior programmers acting as PMs and dumping the programming loads overseas to low cost resources and bilking the margins.

    A true business would be up front about who they are and how they work. Best to stay far away from these guys.

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