WordPress 3.7 may include automatic minor version upgrades

I must have missed this in Matt’s State of the Word talk at WordCamp San Francisco, but Vid Luther of ZippKid has brought it to my attention that WordPress 3.7 may include an automatic upgrade feature for minor versions. Meaning, if there is a WordPress 3.7.1, it would happen automatically like Chrome does. That would be awesome.

It will likely be talked about in the #wordpress-dev chat today at 15:00 UTC -5:00, or 4:00 pm Eastern time, along with the other items Andrew Nacin noted in the Make WordPress Core post.

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  1. To a certain extent I agree with Gary. I don’t have all my sites on automatic upgrade simply because I want to make sure that it works first, and not suddenly discover, after several hours of problems which I haven’t seen because I am not on the computer all day, that something is wrong. Upgrades should always, in my opinion, be a matter of personal choice when it comes to software running a personal web site or blog.

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