8Bit is shutting down

8bit8Bit, the maker of the Standard Theme, is shutting down. The four founders of 8Bit are all significantly involved in various parts of the large WordPress ecosystem. You can follow John, Tom, Jared, and Chris going forward.

The Standard Theme forums will be open another thirty days.

It hasn't been long since another project of theirs, WP Daily, shut down. But I still found myself super shocked to hear about this.

Fortunately, it seems they are all planning to stay involved in the community and they ended on their own terms. But I just have so many questions, and the wrapup was relatively brief. John did give a little additional insight on his personal blog though.

I have a hard time understanding why they wouldn't have sold, and I think Leland makes a good point that perhaps this is their way of putting it for sale. The DradCast guys also gave their opinions on the shutdown tonight.

We shall see if anything more comes of this, but I wish each of the now former 8Bit folks the best.

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