Go Slowly to Go Far

As I return this week officially to Post Status, I return to a lot of conversation in our space. Nothing new. Part of the beauty and excellence of WordPress is healthy, productive, constructive discourse.

We want Post Status to be YOUR forum for those conversations that improve the lives of our WordPress professionals and the humans we serve. A lot has happened, and a lot will happen … please use Post Status, and in particular channels relevant to your thoughts and ideas for healthy discussions. But with one very strong admonition β€” make it about the work, never personal, and always in a way that moves what we do forward in the world we serve. And with one stern warning … as long as I’m here, I’ll never tolerate personal attacks in any way. Keep it about the topic, not the person. Always and forever.

We need these conversations. I believe WordPress and you in particular, our incredible members, can be the standard for making our world better, one step at a time, and shining light in our communities all over the world.

On a personal and professional note, I have to do my work drastically differently than I have for the past 15 years. I’m taking it very slowly β€” or working to do so. My time off β€” thanks to Lindsey who remains our CEO and our incredible team β€” was everything I needed. I hope to talk about it soon, publicly, and share my insights and journey. But in the meantime, I’m counting my blessings for this community of truly amazing humans with immense and profound gratitude. YOU make this work something I want to come back to. With love and grace and gratitude.

β€”Cory Miller

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