David Bisset

Goodbye But Not Farewell

As many people already know, I am transitioning away from Post Status to focus on a new opportunity within the WordPress space. It should go without saying that I will be just as involved in the community as I’ve ever been. It’s important that there are stages where people can have the important conversations, and I firmly believe that Post Status will continue to be a fine home for the discussions (both positive and critical) that need to happen.

I’ve played many roles in the WordPress space for the past 16+ years – user, developer, meetup organizer, WordCamp organizer, volunteer, contributor, product manager, freelancer, and meme creator… The one thing that has always impressed me and made me proud is how passionate the WordPress community is — especially when it comes to helping others.

Volunteering for a full day at a WordCamp, sharing knowledge with both young people and those trying to improve their lives and businesses, or those who sacrifice their time (and often money) to report on news and events — that’s our WordPress community. All of this (and more) benefits us. More than just code.

I believe we all want WordPress to grow and thrive, but we have to be careful to act in a way that’s respectful to us all as human beings. At the end of the day that is how we want to be treated — and we should be. For me, this has been reinforced within the last few years and will be something I continue to strive for myself in how I treat others and view their opinions.

WordPress belongs to all of us. I hope we can give it the attention, respect, leadership, and community-strengthening focus that it deserves. We should. We must.

— David Bisset

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