Greenfield front-end development with the REST API… what tool would you use?

I recently submitted an audio question to my favorite web podcast, the Shoptalk Show. Chris Coyier and Dave Rupert are mega smart and I wanted to know what front-end development methods they’d want to explore for a greenfield project based on the new WP REST API backend.

My question:

I learned web development and templating through WordPress, like many other people. With the coming WordPress REST API, Iโ€™m looking to play around and learn another method for front end development that pulls site data from the WordPress REST APIโ€™s JSON output, and therefore I donโ€™t have any backend prerequisites. If you could go completely greenfield with no client requirements, what route would you most want to take to learn a new thing?

They mentioned three different technologies in their answer: React Native, the Ionic framework, and Ember. These have different-ish applications, and for a web app (versus native app) I think I’d probably explore Ember first. It looks pretty neat, but like most folks that template with WordPress, I haven’t really checked it out before.

So… I’d be really interested if anyone has a WP/Ember thing already!

React is of course super hot right now and some folks are experimenting with React for WordPress. I just wanted to see what Chris and Dave would say. My question is around the 52 minute mark, which you can hop to with this link if you’re not a regular listener.

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