Greenfield front-end development with the REST API… what tool would you use?

I recently submitted an audio question to my favorite web podcast, the Shoptalk Show. Chris Coyier and Dave Rupert are mega smart and I wanted to know what front-end development methods they’d want to explore for a greenfield project based on the new WP REST API backend.

My question:

I learned web development and templating through WordPress, like many other people. With the coming WordPress REST API, I’m looking to play around and learn another method for front end development that pulls site data from the WordPress REST API’s JSON output, and therefore I don’t have any backend prerequisites. If you could go completely greenfield with no client requirements, what route would you most want to take to learn a new thing?

They mentioned three different technologies in their answer: React Native, the Ionic framework, and Ember. These have different-ish applications, and for a web app (versus native app) I think I’d probably explore Ember first. It looks pretty neat, but like most folks that template with WordPress, I haven’t really checked it out before.

So… I’d be really interested if anyone has a WP/Ember thing already!

React is of course super hot right now and some folks are experimenting with React for WordPress. I just wanted to see what Chris and Dave would say. My question is around the 52 minute mark, which you can hop to with this link if you’re not a regular listener.

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