Gutenberg 2.7 was released last week.…

Gutenberg 2.7 was released last week. Among the bug fixes, it also added an official pagination block, updates to the link insertion interface, and (according to the update) it “pushes much of the Plugin API out of its experimental stage.” Version 2.6 also added some nice new features including the long-awaited drag and drop functionality to reorder blocks.

Jeff Golenski, a designer and photographer who works at Automattic, has blogged about Gutenberg’s usability for creating blog posts.

Block Options is a Gutenberg editor “block management” plugin that adds some additional options to control if/how blocks are displayed on certain devices or to certain users. There’s a paid version of the plugin being planned with additional options and features.

John Blackbourn is asking for feedback on his concerns about releasing Gutenberg without the benefit of real-world usage impacting its development.

Jason Yingling outlines some suggestions for best practices with Gutenberg development, including how to set custom default colors to show in the color palette.

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