Gutenberg plugins are maturing rapidly! 🌾 Some…

Gutenberg plugins are maturing rapidly! 🌾 Some new examples:

  • Grids is a “layout builder” that lets you visually define layouts. You can specify a section for blocks just by dragging its margins.
  • Automattic too is experimenting with a “full site editing” plugin for Gutenberg that looks like a page builder.
  • Álvaro Trigo announced the release of the official fullPage.js plugin for Gutenberg, which allows you to create a fullscreen slider with your theme.
  • The Gutenberg Block Kit was launched on Glitch this week. Glitch gives you a full JavaScript development environment right in your browser, so you can quickly prototype and build any block you want.
  • Elliot Condon explains how to build a custom slider block for Gutenberg in just 30 minutes using Advanced Custom Fields.

Impressive! 👍

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