Introducing the WordPress Deal of the Week: Save more, get better exposure

The Deal of the Week is an opportunity for companies to reach the Post Status audience, and for readers to save money.

I'm always trying to think of new ways to help Post Status members get quality returns on their investment, help quality companies gain exposure to the market, and (obviously) help myself sustain Post Status as a business.

I'm excited to announce the new Deal of the Week feature on Post Status.

This is a paid listing opportunity for companies to highlight a deal for their product, during a given, predetermined week. The listing will be displayed on the site homepage and the deals page for members, and will be emailed out to the main (free) mailing list once per week.

How a deal looks on the site

You have to subscribe to the free newsletter list or be a member to see these deals. Deals can remain on the member deals page for any period of time after the featured week, defined by the company who purchases the placement.

I have been asked dozens of times from companies to feature a special deal they want to create for Post Status readers. This is how you can now do that. I think this feature is especially useful around product announcements, so that it flows well with a corporate marketing agenda.

For members who take advantage of these deals, using two of them in a year will typically save more than the entire cost of a Post Status membership. I try to make joining Post Status an obvious win, and I think this new feature helps with that.

In the first example, you can see how WP Sessions is offering 33% off of memberships, a ~$50 value! These savings can really add up.

Of course, non-members will be able to get a weekly deal as well now, but members will have access to all deals, all the time, whenever they need them.

If you're interested in purchasing a Deal of the Week, I look forward to helping you reach the Post Status audience. For members and readers, I hope you enjoy this new feature.